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Thrash with the Flash

Flash Bash

17 September 1980
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I almost always speak my mind.
Too bad if some people dislike it.
I strive to be a better human everyday.
Because there's a bitch inside me I try to hinder from catching the light of day.

Generally, I like to stare at old buildings, and enjoy imagining its insides and the excitement of its freshness faded. I do like to think about words when I'm bored in this form "aeon bon corn don eon forn horn john korn lorn...etc." (Basically going down the alphabetical list to enjoy the rhyme of it. I get little thrills when I form weird sentences of sounding interesting.. I also like dressing up, and have come to appreciate the true meaning of style nowadays. I aim to be a stylish person, as well as get a job that is intellectually fulfilling in future after University.

I have also come to appreciate boredom to be a place for my thoughts to grow.